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Hi I'm Lorraine.  

Welcome to Headspace Counselling.

  • I'm an experienced counsellor accredited with the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP). 

  • I have been counselling for 15 years and have extensive experience working with adults, children, young people and relationships (couples/families/groups etc.)  

  • My experience includes counselling, supervising counsellors and training in different settings - private practice, schools and universities, councils, organisations and within national and local charities. 

  • I work with many issues including anxiety, low mood and depression, loss and grief, relationship difficulties, self harm, bullying, family issues, work and school issues...

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Lorraine Phillips
Headspace Counselling
Cheshire Knutsford WA16
Adults Relationships

  • Adults
  • Children and Young People 5-18yrs
  • Students at college or university
  • Couples/relationships
  • Families and Groups

  • There are times in life when things happen and this can leave us with feelings that are difficult to cope with. We may feel confused, uncertain, anxious, sometimes alone and sad. We may not know why we feel the way we do, what to do about it or who we can talk to. 

  • Counselling can provide a space outside of family and friendships to explore what may be going on for us, and to look at ways of finding greater understanding of our feelings, emotions and experiences. 

  • I believe we are all unique and there is no right way to look at an issue. I offer talking therapy and also work creatively within sessions (as appropriate) to help you as a client find your way.

  • I am passionate about my counselling work and about developing facilitative relationships to explore what may be the right choices for you in your life.


  • Individual sessions    £50
  • Couples/groups       £60-75

about counselling...

Headspace Counselling


Children & Young People

Children & Young People

  • Our sessions can be a place to talk about and work through issues that are causing you concern; perhaps feeling low, anxious, unhappy or confused. This can be related to work or home life, family or relationship issues or changes in our life etc. 

  • Sometimes it's difficult to know why we feel the way we do, and that's something we look at together.

  • I have worked with many issues with adults. If you would like to check out if I am someone you would like to talk to, get in touch by email, phone or text.

Young people
Headspace Counselling

Children & Young People

Children & Young People

Children & Young People

  • Young people can feel stresses and pressures from many directions: friendships, school, exams, fitting in and feeling different, family life and transitions, bullying etc.

  • As a young person it can be difficult to talk about issues. These experiences can be painful and we can feel we should know what to do. 

  • I've helped many young people during my work as a counsellor in primary and secondary schools, and in my private practice. 

  • If you are a parent/carer or young person and would like further information about how I can help just get in touch. 


Couples Counselling
Headspace Counselling


Children & Young People


  • Relationship counselling can be a space to explore emotional connections, difficulties and changes in relationships. Therapy sessions can be a facilitative space to discuss issues and to find ways to better understand each other and your relationships.    

  • Sometimes it feels relationships are not working well or as they used to, or there may be specific issues that have changed the relationship between you - for example trust being broken or betrayals. This can be within marriage, partnerships, family relationships or friendships. 


A bit about my supervision practice...

My decision to become a supervisor can be attributed to my experiences of being a supervisee. Over the past 15 years I have developed both personally and professionally within these relationships. Supervision has challenged, held and nurtured my practice and I have grown through these experiences. 

I continue to learn from each encounter as a counsellor, supervisor and trainer and these experiences continue to shape my practice. I work with and offer creative exploration in both counselling and supervision.

What I endeavour to offer within the supervisory relationship is a place to explore practice. It's a space of learning, understanding and insight, personal and professional growth, challenge, working through dilemmas and an acknowledgement and celebration of practice.  

If you would like to find out more about how we could work together please get in touch.

Supervision for:

  • Qualified Counsellors/psychotherapists
  • Counsellors in training
  • Group Supervision



Contact me on 07778016681 or lorraine@headspacecounselling.co.uk

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Privacy Policy


After consulting with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), insurers (Howdens), and the ethical guidelines of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), Headspace Counselling Ltd is making you aware of how your personal data is stored and used. This is in line with requirements set out by the General Data Protection Regulation which came into effect on May 25th 2018, and the Data Protection Act.  This will be updated as needed.



Headspace  Counselling Ltd processes personal information and data for the purposes of carrying out counselling, supervision and training services.  Processing your data is necessary to offer these services and your  privacy is respected. We discuss this further if you chose to use Headspace Counselling’s services, and can discuss any questions you may have.

Personal information is collected to: communicate with you, book sessions, inform you about changes to session times etc., and to maintain records of our sessions.

Personal information is used to communicate with you: via phone, text, email and letter. If you contact Headspace Counselling  Ltd through the website and email, this is hosted by GoDaddy. The  website is supported by an SSL certificate.

The personal information collected may include your: names,  addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, date of birth, GP details, other professionals involved in the supporting you and personal details relevant to session content.

Personal information is collected and stored securely to: enable the provision of counselling services, in relation to safeguarding processes agreed and discussed in our counselling contract and agreement on safeguarding, confidentiality and information sharing.   (Also, see below)

Personal information and data is held on paper format and stored securely in locked filing cabinet: this is held for 6 years after the end of our work together, as  recommended by insurers and ICO; this will be securely destroyed by shredding after this date. 

Records of our session content are coded to respect your privacy and anonymity and will be stored in a separate locked filing cabinet to names and addresses. These notes are of factual information and key themes  discussed in our sessions. This may include personal and sensitive information. This is for my recollection of our work (clients,  supervisees and training participants), to use for the supervision of my  work, and for lawful obligations. These are kept for 6 years before being securely destroyed by shredding.

All work at Headspace  Counselling is supervised by an external supervisor in line with BACP ethical guidelines. Any discussions of casework in supervision respect your privacy and anonymity.

Personal information and data is not used for marketing.


Under GDPR you have the following rights:

  • To access copies of any information held about you, through a data subject access request. To be responded to within 1 month.
  • To have inaccuracies rectified, or completed if they haven’t been.
  • Data portability – to obtain and reuse personal data for own purposes across different services.
  • To opt out of data collection.
  • To object to personal data being collected.

If  you do not want to have information collected, stored or would like to opt out  Headspace Counselling would not be able to offer its services as the information collected and stored is required to offer its  services.



Your personal information is respected and not shared without consent, though there are exceptions to this. If this becomes an issue during our work together, I endeavour to discuss any sharing of information with you unless legally prohibited to do so.

The following are exceptions to confidentiality:

  • Legal (terrorism, money laundering, serious crime, court subpoena of notes).
  • Risk of significant harm to self or others - information may need to be shared.
  • Risk of harm to child/vulnerable adult - information may need to be shared.


  • The  GDPR requires Headspace Counselling Ltd to identify the lawful basis to  process your information under Article 6, and Article 9 (for special  category or more sensitive information). After consulting with the ICO:
  • The lawful basis for processing personal information required by Article 6 in of the GDPR is “legitimate interest”.
  • The lawful basis for processing ‘special categories of personal data’  required in Article 9 of the GDPR comes under the Data Protection Act  2018 (c. 12) Part 2 – General processing – Chapter 2 – The GDPR; Section  10.
  • Article 8(1) of the GDPR: requires parental consent for processing children’s  personal information for Under 16s, with reference to “information society services”: The Data  Protection Act 2018 (c.12) Part 2 — General processing - Chapter 2 —  The GDPR,  Section 9 (a) and (b) provides 'lawfulness of processing' for this information with children 13 and over able to consent in the UK, and states, “… the reference to “information society services” does not include preventative or counselling services.”

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